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Earn Money Online through Mi Lifestyle marketing |

mi lifestyle marketing ( earn money
Today, I am going to share a very Important news with all of you and want you to read this article very carefully. The MOST TRUSTED way which I found UNTIL NOW for making money online is Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd. This is an official news from the Mizoram Government and there has been a lot of buzz about this recently. Many people get fooled by those spams surrounding the Internet. Why to go after them while you are getting an opportunity from the Mizo Government itself?? I have researched a lot on this topic and finally decided to write a nice article for helping people who are really eager to earn some money for a good living.

Please don't say no to this opportunity and continue reading this article if you really want to earn Money 

This guide will take you to the right steps from the beginning to the end. You will be thanking this article a thousand times after you successfully implement the simple 5-minute steps mentioned in this article.

Some Latest News about the MDML (Mizoram Direct Private Limited)

The Mizoram Government has officially abandoned its engagement in the Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML). The new name of the Project is Mi Lifestyle marketing. Although the government has resigned, there is no point of disappointment in this as the Founders of Mi Life Style Marketing company are highly experienced in Multilevel Marketing. They have a strong determination for empowering their Distributors to enhance their Lifestyle by providing financial stability through legit ways.


What is the aim of this Project?

In simple words, the most important factor of this project is to provide people willing to achieve a financial stability, an opportunity to get a good revenue by becoming a distributor and promote the products provided by the company. You may become a distributor and start your own money making business without any investment actually. All you get is PROFIT which is 100% Legal (As this project was initiated by the Mizoram Government itself, there is no point in discussing that whether this project is legal or not.).

Mi lifestyle marketing gives you various types of incomes:
  • sales matching bonus
  • over-riding bonus
  • performance bonus
  • royalty
  • rank income 
  • and much more

Confused?? This is just the basic and to study more, you will need to download the Business Power Point file of Mi Lifestyle Marketing to learn the conceps more clearly. Click get the ppt file button below:

mi lifestyle marketing ( earn money

After you become a distributor with the help of a person who is already a distributor of this company (Its me in this case) , you will be good to go. Continue reading for how to do this.


Why am I telling this to you?

Dear friends, all I want to tell you is that this is a very good opportunity to earn money for people staying in India.
This is the most trusted, legit and reliable way of earning money online which, I think is the best way of earning money till now.
Why would I waste my valuable time writing this article if I just wanted to fool the people around. Remember, there is nothing like instant money, you will have contribute a little bit towards the  Mi lifestyle marketing ( project like how I am doing now.
Enough talk, lets move towards the main topic.

Step by Step guide for earning through

This is a very detailed, step by step tutorial to get your account set up as a Distributor.

Some important things you will need
Sponsor Id: This is the id of the Distributor with the help of whom you will join the Website. This is a required field and without this you wont be able to proceed further. Don't worry just copy the following code in the Sponsor box: 4557525487 (MORE DETAILS BELOW & SEE THE IMAGE)

Your PAN Number: The unique PAN number on your PAN card.

Nominee Details: Details of the person in your family whom you trust the most (Example: Your Wife's name). You need to fill these details in case you meet with an accident or something similar, so that all your earnings will be credited to that person. This is a very good service provided by the Company and this is the reason why people are getting more and more Interested

1. Click the following button to go to the registration page of Mi Lifestyle Marketing
mi lifestyle marketing ( earn money

2. Fill in the details as informed above in the Some important things you will need section. Only one thing you will need extra is the Sponsor id field. Please copy this code: 4557525487 and paste it in the very first field as shown in the picture below. If you dont understand what to do, you may refer the image shown below
(1. Click the image, the image will take time to load so be patient 2. right click on the image and 3. click view image):
mi lifestyle marketing ( earn money

3. Yes....!!!!! You have now created your distributor account and ready to rock. You will get your account id so that you can refer people to sign in as a consumers or distributors

4. After you become a distributor, you will have to purchase the coupons from the products page. Then all you need is to buy a coupon and apply it while shopping for Rupees 1000/- from Indiashoppe. As Distributors get big discounts for shopping, you will be in a profit in every way. You will start earning from the day of joining itself.

This was the easiest account setup ever.

  1. To become an active distributor on Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt ltd, you will have to shop from indiashoppe for rupees 1000 only. Now imagine that, by only shopping for rupees 1000, you will be doing a huge business and earn huge commissions.
  2. You will need to refer 2-3 people as distributors with the help of your id (this will be the sponsor id for them). You will definitely thank me a hundred times after knowing that this REALLY WORKS...!!!! 
  3. Grab this opportunity as this is a very new project and is becoming hot day by day. If you delay, you will surely lose this opportunity. Grab the Hotdog while its Hot....

Hope that helps you out and remember, the more you involve in this project, the more you will benefit. Have a good day and HAPPY EARNING....!!!!

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